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SIGN UP (OPEN PERIOD July 22nd - Aug 1st)


Sign ups will be opened on the 22nd of July for 10 days.

Deadline for applications will be on August 1st 2014.


*** Relevant common question below; Please don’t make us do extra work if you won’t submit your picture on the deadline!

  • What if you signed up but…

If you want to be a part of the countdown make sure you sign up today! August 1st!

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Yaaay~~ Finally able to render and upload this update! Ang as a few backgrounds colored and ready, but I just haven’t put them in yet. *Dies* Let us know what you think! We’re working on getting this finished….someday…

We also recorded a little something last night. I’m working on the editing as we speak.


Yaaay! All that hard work has come to this so far!

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